Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gospel Midi & Chords - YouTube

it's time for a gospel midi upgrade...

I was on YouTube yesterday, and I was looking for a song for assistance, and I was looking for an explanation for the song "Friend of God," by Israel & New Breed. The song originally appeared on the album New Season, but the version on Alive in South Africa is awesome. Live music has an extra something to it that just makes it awesome. For example, Fred Hammond's Pages of Life Chapters 1 & 2 illustrates this best. The first disc was recorded in the studio, but the second disc, with many of the same songs, is so much better.

With all that said, I only found 2 tutorials max for Friend of God, and they were not in the original key of E, like the song is performed on the album. It was difficult to find the tutorials as well, and so I thought, if I could ever master that song, I think someone might want to know how to play it. I have a camera for which I can record myself, I just now have to figure out how to set that up. I have seen the videos and I feel that the camera looking down on the keyboard is the best approach. Gospel midi is good, but oftentimes, the personal touch can make learning easier and sometimes, to actually see the difference in styles can be interesting.

Most importantly, I like the videos that make mention that the music needs to be led by the Spirit of God. With that said, some time soon, expect to see both midi and links to YouTube videos here. Below is the link to download Never Would Have Made It by Pastor Marvin Sapp. That song is a great testimony. Where would we be if it were not for the Lord on our side?

Never Would Have Made It - Marvin Sapp - ThirstyPlay!Download!

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pzsoul said...

I just stumbled upon your site... I think what you're doing is great. Especially for someone like me who can't play but wants to learn. Only problem is, it seem that you haven't been posting in almost two months. We can't let that happen. The work must be finished.

God Bless