Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gospel Midi & Chords - Synthesia

To all gospel midi fans...

In case you hadn't heard of it, there is an open-source game called Synthesia (formerly called Piano Hero) that is a great tool for helping people to learn how to play gospel midi files. If you have a MIDI-compatible keyboard (I use a Casio WK-3000), you can connect it to your computer (using the USB-to-MIDI cable I talked about in an earlier post) and learn songs at your own pace. You can slow songs down, speed them up, play one hand at a time, simply listen to the song, and more. If you do not have a keyboard, there is still a way to play Synthesia using the keyboard, but I didn't find that as fun as actual piano keys.

Now, Synthesia comes with many more options, including a learning pack that is constantly in development. However, that pack is not free, and starts at $14. However, the author will allow all upgrades from that point to be free after buying the learning pack. With this learning pack comes the ability to view and play sheet music for your gospel midi files and more.

Finally, in case you wanted the song shown in the picture, When the Saints Go to Worship, here is the download:

When the Saints Go to Worship - Donald Lawrence - The Best of Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers: Restoring the YearsPlay!Download!

You can download Synthesia 0.6.3 from its official web page here. Keep practicing!


BexterzzNY said...

how can i play one hand t a time?

Tinu said...

Hello Patrick. Pleasde would you be kind to send me the midi file for - Best of Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers: Restoring the Years. my email is