Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gospel Midi & Chords - 1st Midi Post

Here are two gospel midi files to start off with:

We Must Praise - J. Moss - The J. Moss ProjectPlay!Download!
Welcome Into This PlacePlay!Download!

These two worship songs are dear to my heart. Playing the piano is great and downloading gospel midi files is good, but if you cannot identify with the message of the songs you play, then there will always be something lacking from your music. For example, if you were to download a gospel midi file and play it in church, it may meet the requirements for providing music, but the song cannot adapt to when the spirit is high, for example.
Enjoy these songs and be blessed. More on the way.

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Anonymous said...


We are doing j.moss we must praise song at our church, but i cant seem to get some of the music rights as i play the keyboard, could u kindly send me the tabs for that songs... or the sheet music... plz, and if you have it can i please get the his name is jesus by fred hammond... i cannot buy them on the internet as i stay in africa... pls help

My email add is